The simplicity of marketing: Winning clients

When targeting a consumer or particular segment within the market, one must first not only identify the cumulative needs and wants of their client but also their purpose . What someone wants to achieve, and their time period for doing so are of utmost importance. When stating that time is money, people are correct in assuming that time can be a measure of work that needs to initiated to establish a return on investment. This can be also be explained by a level of satisfaction.

Timing is everything in terms of relationships and war. It is a veritable battle-field out there and people are winning big. Take a look at the established market that twitter has taken over. From Celebrities to Politicians and ‘serial tweeters’ this untapped market is taking up peoples time, when they could also be buying into businesses, or working, and making the best of an opportunity.

Spending time to publish your own opinions can be rewarding, but can it off-set the monetary value of earning something in return for your investment in time. People will eventually buy and invest time in things they find of value; Topics of which can have cookies enabled to ensure the sale of relevant goods is targeted – would be beneficial for both the vendor and the end-user. This targeted approach to advertising is essential in an ever changing marketplace.